How to turn your pipe into a collector

What is a collector (a.k.a dab straw or honey straw)?

These devices are typically used for vaporizing concentrated essential oils, by legal adults and are basically mini dab rigs. It can be an extremely convenient way of smoking as opposed to regular dab rigs due to its ease of use, portability and lack of waste.

How to turn your pipe into a collector 

Our pipes can be used just like a standard collector except, it doesn’t feature any chamber inside the dab straw containing water, so this is best set for low-temperature dabs.

Step 1) Insert the 10mm titanium nail into the carb hole making sure to press it in until it feels tight.

Step 2) Slide the silicone Save-A-Bowl band over the bowl of the pipe.

Step 3) Carefully heat the very tip of nail with a torch (READ HOW TO PROPERLY HEAT TITANIUM NAIL BELOW)

Step 4) Slowly press the tip into the concentrated essential oil and inhale while doing so. Take note, the longer you hold the tip in the concentrated essential oil, the larger your dab will be.

Step 5) Exhale 😊

Step 6) Set pipe with nail down to cool in a safe place and allow nail to cool before touching or taking the nail out.


 How to property heat titanium nail

The best temperature heat the titanium nail is between 350°F-400°F

The nail should NOT glow red. A red hot nail means temperature is at least <1000°F which is much too hot for enjoyable smoking.

Heating your nail to the correct temperature shouldn’t take more than 5-8 seconds of flame against the nail.