Pipe & Collector

Convert your pipe into a collector with our 10mm nail attachment.

No More Broken Pipes....

2 in 1 Shatterproof pipe for smokers who are sick of breaking glass but still want the performance of a glass piece.

How many times have you dropped a piece off your lap and watched it shatter? Or tried cleaning your piece just to have it break, never again! This is the LAST pipe you'll EVER need.

Premium Quality

Featuring a grade 2 titanium  bowl and body made of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum this pipe is strong, durable, heat resistant and non-toxic.  All of the our material is 100% domestically sourced.

Stays Cool

The pipe itself does not get hot after using the nail. The hollowed design of the aluminum body allows the pipe to cool very quickly. 


We are proud to say that all of our products are manufactured exclusively in our Northern California shop with 100% domestically sourced materials.

The Smoothest Rips

Cliche right? Everyone talks about how their pipe is the smoothest but for REAL this pipe is incredible. Try it for yourself!

Finally, a metal pipe that can match the performance of a glass piece without the fragility!

Easy to Clean

With it's hollowed design, these pipes are very easy to clean. 

Beautiful Custom Anodized Finish

These are not your typical massed produced "metal pipe" each pipe is anodized by hand in small batches so every pipe is unique and one-of-a-kind.